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I Believe In Your Capacity

In the training of either mind or both, I share my lifelong experience of elite level artistic gymnastics training for your physical and mental benefit. I believe your body is the only necessary tool to build a strong and more controlled more mind and body. 

Programs and Personal Training

Mastering Straight Planche

The `Mastering Straight Planche` program is here to teach you one of the most elegant gymnastics skills of all time... the Straight Planche. A perfect program for anyone who wants to learn straight planche or tuck and straddle planche as well. The program is divided into three phases, The beginner, The Advancer and finally The Master. It is custom made for planche, so that you may advance as quickly as possible. The program also gives you exclusive insight into recovery methods, food intake, mentality, gear and the physique of an elite men's artistic gymnast. Knowledge which can be applied to your life and training.
The program is all video guided so that you can execute the program with ease. Furthermore, the program is set at three days a week of training and the program can take everything from three to six months to complete, depending on your fitness level at the beginning and your personal goal. I personally used this program to develop my straight planche. To get the program: 1. Send 69 USD via Paypal to the email adress wille_097@hotmail.com. 2. Then the program will be sent to you within 24 hours to the same email adress. (If you live in Sweden) 1. Swisha 599 kr till 0707610212 med beskrivniningen: "din emailadress" 2. Du kommer få programmet skickat till den angivna emailadressen inom 12 timmar.

Personal Training for Mind and Body

I aspire to build a stronger you, that's why I offer personal training sessions. If you really want to take your performance, physique or mentality to the next level, I'm hear to help. A PT-session with me would be mainly bodyweight training, mindfulness practice and personal choaching to increase your ability to reach your highest potential. To get personal traning send an email to my personal email adress training@williambroman.se I´m looking forward to meeting and training you.

Group Training

I offer personal training sessions for larger groups as well, from 20-35 people so that you may experience the joy of working out together. Either in mindfulness, bodyweight training or both. To book group training send an email to my personal email adress training@williambroman.se. I´m looking forward at meeting and training you.

Lectures & Workshops

Do you want to learn more about training, elite performance, minfulness, my story or elite training I am very willing to share som insights into the world of high performance. You can book me for lectures and workshops on these subject accodring to your needs. To book workshop send an email to my personal email adress training@williambroman.se. I´m looking forward at meeting you.


For questions on nutrition, training, mindset, performance etc, just contact: